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It was an absolute pleasure working with Margaret. I always looked forward to events, tastings and meetings together because of her energy and passion for creativity and her clients. Margaret always thought outside of the box to create magical events that absolutely exceeded everyone's expectations. If I had to create a team for a successful business, Margaret would be a top choice. She is the complete package: smart, motivated, positive, creative, organized, beautiful and a warm-hearted woman.

- Stacy Lambatos, Director of Events, AOL


Margaret is wonderful to work with. She is poised, confident, elegant, and charming! She is creative, and has great people skills. Clients, and vendors adore her. She would be a great asset to any team!

- Bradley Young, Bradley Young Entertainment


Margaret is a true joy and pleasure to work with. She always has every detail under control because she is very organized, professional and detail oriented. I've had our mutual clients literally say to me, "I don't know what I'm going to do without her, I wish I can use her in my everyday life". Margaret will exceed your expectations for your event or special day and you will have the most amzing outcome you could've ever imagined! She will be doing it all with the sweetest smile on her face because she's so good at what she does and loves doing it!

-Rosie Scianna-Mollo, Modern and Classic Beauty Makeup

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