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Inside Scoop: 30th Black & Gold

by Margaret Williams

We had a blast designing this black and gold, vintage-themed 30th birthday party! Our client was very specific in what she was looking for. When we first met, she came equipped with inspiration photos – love! If you don’t have inspiration photos when we first meet, this will be your first homework assignment!

Actually, let me digress for a moment…

In the creative world, you can assume most, if not, all of us are visual people. It’s not that we are not capable of visualizing what you describe – quite the opposite – this is one of our strengths. Take this example for instance, when you tell someone I want an event consisting of blue as the main color. There are many different tints and shades of blue: cerulean, royal, periwinkle, sky, navy…you get the idea. Instead if you present photos of blues you like and blues you dislike, we as the planner now have a clear idea of the color palette to work with.

To return to the event, our client provided us with inspiration photos for certain elements she wanted to include at the event. The event’s theme or tagline was “Vintage Tees & Jeans” which was incorporated into the guests’ attire for the evening. The color palette: black and gold. We took the inspiration photos, determined and sourced the desired event elements, incorporating them into the event space for the final result. The main elements of focus were a decadent candy bar, vintage-style photo signs & props, a dramatic cake and the added effect of perfectly round black balloons. From this event, we have gained a few new obsessions including black cakes with tall, slender candles and perfectly round balloons with fringed tassels!

For more photos from this event, check out the new 30th Black & Gold album on the Magnolia Atelier website.